Ezra Beachley founded the Hagerstown Lounge Company in 1887 as a response to a shift in how Americans lived in their homes at the end of the century. Eventually they transitioned into what is now known as Beachley Furniture. Over five generations of Beachley family ownership. The company has actively responded to the ever changing market and the way we work and live in interior environments. Today with Beachley’s knowledge and expertise in engineering of contract furniture they are the premiere manufacturer of custom commercial furniture. From the beginning drawings or sketches, we work closely with architects and designers through every phase of the design and build process to make their vision become a reality. The end result is a beautiful, comfortable and unique product that the designer is proud to have brought to life and their client knows it is special and only for their project. This passion for being different is what drove Erza Beachley in 1887 and continues to drive Beachley 130 years later.

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